Diane Kruger In Farewell My Queen

French movie title Les adieux à la reine, Farewell My Queen is set in the final days of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France before the French revolution. Loosely based on history, it tells of her relationship with one of her readers who has to sacrifice herself for the Queen.

Filmed in Versailles, the movie is stunning in so far as its locations, sets and costumes go. Cinematography is faultless. A strong plus point is that the characters actually speak French, which lends to the overall authenticity of the story, as compared to BBC productions, excellent in their own rights as they may be. Casting is well done, with Diane Kruger and Léa Seydoux playing their respective roles of Marie Antoinette and Agathe-Sidonie Laborde convincingly.

However, the film focuses more on the goings on in French court with Marie Antoinette more of witness of history and royal court procedures rather than a drama about her eventual execution instead. Hence, some background knowledge would bring this film to full appreciation.

The Arrow TV Series Sara and Nyssa Kiss

TV show based on Marvels comic book hero The Arrow is the alter-ego of billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, who after presumed dead for 5 years at sea, returns a changed man who is determined to rid his city of wrong-doers under the guise of a hooded vigilante. His solo quest soon turns into a team effort as others join him in his quest, including his sister.

This show is entertaining enough but suffers from some bad writing that sees its characters doing inexplicably dumb things and annoyingly lame situations such as The Arrow not capturing or killing the villian when he’s unconscious choosing instead to leave and later gripe about how he has no idea how to deal with the villian.

Also tiresome is Oliver Queen’s multiple love triangles which are so intertwined with one character or another at different times that really no one cares for any of that. Least of all, his romance with tech sidekick Felicity feels forced since the two are totally incompatible.

Kalinda Final Scenes In The Good Wife

Archie Panjabi who plays Kalinda in the excellent TV show The Good Wife has a run-in with an old flame who is an FBI agent. Rumour has it that Panjabi will be leaving the series and her character Kalinda might be killed off or be on the run. Another main character, Will was killed a couple of seasons ago.

Indeed as fans predicted, Kalinda has indeed been written off the show amidst rumours of her run-ins with leading star Julianna Margulies. Still, I must stress these are rumours based on internet chatter with no evidence but on the other hand, no one is confirming nor denying them. Fans have even gone so far as to examine final scenes between the two stars, claiming that the scenes were shot separately on blue screen and spliced together, the animosity between the two being that bad.

Now with Season 7 underway without Kalinda, I don’t think her absence is missed that badly, with new characters coming in to pick up interest. Just as Will is not missed, neither is Kalinda.

Kalinda has numerous lesbian kissing scenes:

The Good Wife Kalinda Lesbian Kiss
Kalinda And Donna Lesbian Kiss The Good Wife TV Series
Kalinda Lesbian Kissing Scene The Good Wife

Black Sails TV Series Girl Kiss Scene

Black Sails is a TV series surrounding events with Captain Flint and his pirates 20 years prior to the book Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Toby Stephens plays Captain Flint who must coral his band of men to deal with rich overlords who seek to monopolise trade in the Caribbean ports.

The premise is compelling as it also traces the origins of one of the most colourful characters in classic literature, Long John Silver. In addition, many of the characters are new as are the stories. With such potential, it’s a shame the show is plagued by its slow pace and ponderous writing. You would need a lot of patience to watch this show however.

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